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Indulge in cooling relief… ATLANTIC TOUCH Chill Muscle Rub Gel is loaded with ultra-cooling Menthol and a special blend of Pure Essential Oils to provide that icy cold feeling without having to trek the Arctic. It is specifically formulated to relieve tight muscles with a cool, refreshing sensation while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. This gel glides on smooth and within seconds you can feel the cooling action soothing and refreshing your muscles.

One of the most integral parts of any exercise program is rest and recovery. Whether it be weight lifting, running, cycling or any other activity that puts your body through stress, your body requires time to recover, repair and come back stronger. Recovery regimens can include everything from hydration, healthy meals, yoga, foam rolling, hot and cold baths as well as massage, but all recoveries have one thing in common; sore muscles! Atlantic Touch Muscle Rub Gel is perfect for athletes, dancers, marathon runners or anyone that can benefit from the cooling, relaxing effect it has on sore muscles.


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