Skin Care

Our CBD-Infused beauty products contain broad spectrum hemp oil that has been derived from USA-grown hemp. All of our CBD-Infused skin care products contain 0.0% THC.

Sweetie Skin Care Line

These products are naturally-derived. Here are APPROXIMATE percentages of naturally-derived ingredients in each of the STOCK formulas:

Sweetie Naturals Refresh 83% Naturally Derived
Sweetie Naturals Facial Toner 93% Naturally Derived
Rejuvenate Daily Face 80% Naturally Derived
Relax Night Cream 74% Naturally Derived
Revive Eye Cream 74% Naturally Derived
Replenish Anti-Aging Serum 77% Naturally Derived

Here is why our formulations are SUPERIOR to industry standard products:

  1. We use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, as opposed to industry standard industrial-grade ingredients.
  2. We use a super fruit base, as opposed to a water-only base like industry standard suppliers.
  3. We use botanicals & essential oils to create our scents, as opposed to synthetic fragrances like the industry standard.
  4. We use many clinically proven ingredients that are backed by human clinical studies, as opposed to industry standard formulas that contain ingredients only backed by their company’s marketing.

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